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1. Sample should be human serum, plasma, fingertip blood and whole blood, other body fluid and samples may cause incorrect or inaccurate results.
2. Venous blood should be collected under sterile condition at any time of a day.
3. Suggest using serum or plasma for better results.
4. Heparin, sodium citrate and EDTA can be used as anticoagulant for plasma, fingertip blood and whole blood sample.
5. Serum, plasma, fingertip blood or whole blood sample should be tested within 4 hours after blood collection in room temperature. If testing will be delayed, serum and plasma may be stored up to 5 days at 2-8 ℃ or stored for 6 months at -20 ℃ before testing (fingertip blood and whole blood sample may be stored up to 3 days at 2-8 ℃). Do not heat the samples and discard hemolyzed samples.
6. Bring all samples to room temperature (15-30 °C) before use. Refrigerated or frozen sample should reach room temperature and be homogeneous before testing. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
7. SAMPLE VOLUME: 10 μl of serum and plasma sample, 20 μl of fingertip blood and whole blood sample.

Read the manual carefully before using and operate according to the manual to avoid incorrect results.
1.Do not open pouch until ready to use.
2.Prep necessary materials: Test cassette | Buffer solution | Capillary Sampler Label Test cassette with patient ID.
3.Obtain a specimen using standard laboratory protocols.
4.Using capillary sampler, obtain 20µL of fingerstick or venous whole blood specimen or 10µL of serum or plasma.
5.For intravenous sampling follow standard laboratory protocols.
6.Dispense the specimen into the Test Cassette sample well.
7.Ensure that the entire sample is dispensed into the sample well.
8.Remove cap of the Buffer Solution bottle and dispense 2-3 drops into the Test Cassette sample well.
9.Remove any air bubbles in the dropper.
10.Test on a level surface at room temperature.
11.Allow test to run for 15 minutes. Read the results by viewing the detection window.Test results that have run over 20 minutes are invalid

Positive (+):
(1) 3 purplish red bands appear, one at the control area (C) and two at the test lines (T1, T2). The result indicates that the sample contains both 2019-nCoV IgM and IgG antibody.
(2) 2 purplish red bands appear, one at the control area (C) and one at the test line (T1). The result indicates that the sample contains 2019-nCoV IgM antibody.
(3) 2 purplish red bands appear, one at the control area (C) and one at the test line (T2). The result indicates that the sample contains 2019-nCoV IgG antibody.
Negative (-):
A single purplish red band appears at the control area (C) without any other band at test lines. The result indicates that the sample does not contain2019-nCoV IgM or IgG antibody.
If no colored band appears in the control area (C) in 10-20 min, the test result is invalid. The test should be repeated and if the same situation happened again, please stop using this batch of products and contact your supplier.

1. Do not reuse the pipet to avoid cross contamination.
2. Do not open pouches until ready to perform the test to protect the test cards from getting damp exposing in air for too long.
3. The test cards can be stored in room temperature with sealed pouches. And the test cards shored in low temperature should reach room temperature before testing.
4. Sodium azide is used as preservative which may react with copper drainage pipe or lead drainage pipe and cause explosive substance.Please cope with the preservative properly according to relevant local regulations.
5. There should be appropriate bio-safety assurance procedure for infectious sources or potential infectious sources. Some relevant precautions are showed below:
(1) Wear disposable gloves to deal with samples, or sterilize reagents.
(2) Sterilize spilled samples or reagents with sanitizer.
(3) Sterilize and cope with all of samples, reagents and potential contaminant with relevant local regulations.

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