May 17, 2021
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12.6″PantherWorld143 Ebony Parang with Hand Forged German High Speed Steel Recurve Blade

Product name: Panther World 143 Steel Recurve Blade
Seller type: Personal
Condition: Brand New
Color: Brown, Silver White
Model Year: 2017
Property Type: House

Ebony is known as “penawar hitam,” or ‘black medicine.’ Rubbing a piece of ebony, or even ebony sawdust on a bite very quickly stops the itch. Ebony is also treasured for it’s magical and protective properties among many of the world’s traditional cultures. Even Wiccans hold ebony in high esteem in their magickal practices.

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Phone: +639153468542
Address: Cebu City, Philippines, , , 6015
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