September 26, 2021
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Cybertron gaming pc review


Cybertron Computer Review

Cybertron PC offer a huge selection of pre-built desktop and laptop computers optimized for gaming and warranty offering support on the devices they sell.

There are several different options available when selecting a PC from “Cybertron PC”, and every one have advantages and faults. Read on for a review of Cybertron PCs.

Mainly Cybertron desktops and laptops are all named for Egyptian-themed gods and creatures starting from Set to Ra, increasing in performance along the way, and always with the choice to upgrade quality.

Like other computer companies, “Cybertron PC” offers the costs it does because they buy their components in bulk and use them to create setups for people that desire to build their own gaming machine.

One of the items that set Cybertron aside from many other boutique computer shops is that they use name-brand components for peace of mind to the customer that they’re getting what they buy.

And also their parts are in step with the fashionable trend of getting custom colored lights inside the case. So let’s dive in and take a glance at the Cybertron gaming desktop options.

Cybertron PC Desktop

All of the components within the Cybertron computer are customizable, except for the sake of a side-by-side comparison, the parts listed are the essential components included within the asking price for a Cybertron gaming desktop on their website.

CLX Set:

For less than half the price of an RTX 2080 Ti, you’ll buy the fully prebuilt CLX Set. it’s an AMD Ryzen 3, which is on the low end of the AMD line but still offers good performance within the market.

The power supply is merely 500 watts, but given the widely low power draw of the components, this shouldn’t be a drag.

Also the SSD within the Set is 240 GB which is that the smallest of any included SSD on their prebuilt machines.

As predicted about their lowest models of computer, the graphics card is an AMD Radeon RX 560.

This card is nothing to write down home about, but it’ll run e-sports games, and if you switch the settings down on modern AAA games if should run them at 60 FPS without too many hiccups.

And there is only standard air cooling for the CPU included with this computer and any liquid cooling are going to be an additional upcharge.

CLX Scarab:

The next option from the Set is that the Scarab, which offers some distinct increases in performance.

The AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz Hexa-Core may be a solid midrange processor which can provide support for the graphics card and permit you to run your games at either higher framerates.

The graphics have been upgraded to NVIDIA GeForce 1650, which runs on the Turing system introduced with the remainder of NVIDIA’s 16 series and can handle the graphics processing of latest games.

The SSD has been upgraded also with the Scarab to a XMRpower supply.

CLX Horus:

Many of the features of the Horus are almost like the Scarab, and indeed there’s only a difference of $100 between them.

It’s an equivalent processor, SSD, CPU cooler, power supply, and memory, with a special motherboard and a graphics card upgrade to the NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti.

The graphics card upgrade will provide running games at higher settings while still achieving seamless 60 FPS gameplay, and with the Ryzen 5 you even have a bit of room to upgrade the cardboard further if you would like to stay running an equivalent setup for a couple of years as games still get more graphics-intense.


The Ra features a significant increase (by about $500) over the Horus for what’s not tons of additional performance.

In fact, the graphics card that comes standard on this prebuilt PC takes a step backward from its predecessor, moving from the NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti to the quality 1660.

The biggest steps up taken on the Ra are the processor, which is upgraded to the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.60GHz Octa-Core to support any graphics card upgrade you’ll want to place in to get advantage of the added performance of the Ryzen 7 over the Ryzen 5 of the lower machines.

CLX Ra Power Supply:

The power supply remains only 650 Watts, so you may wish to upgrade to a 750 Watt version to make sure that you’ve got sufficient power to use your processor, graphics, and memory without any faults.

Of course, there is an upcharge for this case, although the Cybertron PC cases don’t seem to be anything particularly special.

They introduce tempered glass so you can see the colors of the inside components, but the case should be one among the last stuff you look to spend extra cash on.

Cybertron Laptop

Like many manufacturers of gaming laptops Cybertron calls their CLX Osiris a desktop replacement, claiming that it’ll do everything that a gaming desktop can neutralize a mobile form factor.

Comparable in size to an Alienware, there’s no mistaking that the Cybertron gaming laptop might better be called a lap-and-a-half top because of the thickness of the base metal and reinforced bezel round the screen to contain all the associated components and ensure it survives being toted around.

CLX Osiris:

The specifications of the CLX Osiris with none upgrades are as follows

If you’ve got your heart assail a Cybertron gaming laptop, it’s obvious at a look that the specs simply cannot compete with the desktop setup.

There’s also a bent for a laptop to overheat more quickly thanks to the necessarily smaller fans, and also the likelihood that the user will place it on a soft surface like a couch or a bed and further impede the air circulation.

The mobile version of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card is employed within the Cybertron gaming laptop, which is one among the most effective choices Cybertron could have wont to create this build.

However, at a tag that starts even above their top-of-the-line CLX Ra desktop, the Osiris will never be ready to match it in performance. Unless you recognize that you simply got to have gaming capability on the go, you’re more happy sticking to a Cybertron desktop optimized for gaming.

Cybertron PC Support:

Certainly, Cybertron PC support has sales advisors available to consult before making your purchase if you’re unsure which option is true for you otherwise you have questions on upgrades you would like to form over the quality components offered by the prebuilt designs.

To clarify, They will answer questions on memory, processor and relative performance so you’ll be able to make the simplest choice for you and your budget.

Cybertron PC Warranty:

In the same vein, The warranty of Cybertron PC include a lifetime support on all the labor of their computers.

This implies if something fails as a results of their workmanship once they assembled the pc , they’re going to offer you a replacement or repair the component for as long as you own the pc .

The parts they sell are covered by a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, if anything were to fail internally with the parts wont to assemble your machine.

If you’ll prove that it had been a mistake in their assembly and workmanship, then the lifetime warranty applies to the labor on those parts.


In short, If you would like to shop for one among the Cybteron PC gaming desktops, take the time to know what you wish from your machine and know which options you would like to upgrade once you are customizing your computer.

Quite likely, albeit you’re trying to find a high end setup, you ought to not select the Ra.

It would be better for you to customize either the Scarab or the Horus with the motherboard which can support the memory you would like , maybe upgrade to 32 GB of RAM rather than 16 GB if you’re trying to find a stronger gaming experience, and definitely upgrade the processor and graphics cards to the most effective options available in your budget.

If you’re trying to find a performance gaming machine, unless you actually , really need a laptop, don’t choose the Osiris.

It’s costlier at its baseline than the Ra for fewer RAM, a mobile graphics card, and therefore the associated overheating problems that accompany laptops with all the components packed so densely together.

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